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“MP SUNRISE” 75cl.


This refreshing drink, with creamy and compact foam, is perfect for your aperitif or your dinner with friend. You can serve it with roast meats, red meat and seasoned cheeses, but if you like it the idea, you can try it with a good Italian pizza. When you taste this beer, with warm notes of Crystal malt, you can enjoy the light hints of citrus, especially of the grapefruit and tangerine. The Marche region based family Angeloni makes its beer with passion, using only non GMO ingredients that give to this golden amber coloured craft beer a great taste and an alcohol volume of only 5.5 percent.

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Product Description

We suggest you to serve the Mp Sunrise Pale Ale beer by Angeloni at 7-8 Celsius degrees. In this way you can preserve its particular scent and taste matching it with your favourite dishes.

  • American Pale Ale
  • Creamy and compact, golden amber color, slightly opalescent
  • Light hint of citrus on which stand grapefruit and tangerine
  • Volume alcohol : 5.5%
  • Serving Temp. : 7/8 ° C.
  • Ideal with : Roast meats, red meat, seasoned cheeses

About the artisan : Angeloni brewery – Monte Porzio (PU)



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