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Great Taste 2015-2016   TWO STARS Award Winning

If you are a real lover of Italian flavourings, then you should not miss this precious typical product. Among the different ways you can flavour Italian dishes, there is the organic balsamic condiment. It is a typical Italian product, made in Emilia Romagna region, and it might look similar to the balsamic vinegar of Modena, although it is something different. Produced with cooked grape juice, this product has a fluid consistency, a mild but full body and it is dark amber coloured. Its flavour is fruity sweet, with a mild acidity at the back.


Product Description

How can you appreciate the taste of the organic balsamic condiment? We suggest you to use the balsamic condiment to prepare dress salads, as well as on buffalo mozzarella or to prepare onions and veggie chutney. In this way, you can add your dishes a special and unique taste: are you ready to prepare the best Italian recipes with the award winning organic balsamic condiment?

Additional Info

Let’s talk about a curiosity of this product: do you know that the organic balsamic condiment has been used since ancient times by peasants to dress the simplest dishes, such as polenta? The peasants used this product also for home baking.

About the artisan : La Cà dal Nôn vinegar farm – Vignola (MO)


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