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If you are looking for a tasty and natural beverage, you should try the very special organic apple juice and pulp by Bartolacci. Buy it now online!

The high quality organic apple juice and pulp by Bartolacci is produced only with fruits cultivated and harvested in the farm’s apple tree grove, that are lightly cooked to get a purée: then it is diluted with water and precious organic beet sugar. This excellent product is made with at least 60% of natural fruit.

200 ml bottle

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Would you like to taste something natural as the great organic premium quality apple juice and pulp by Bartolacci, for your breakfast or simply a break? When you choose a natural drink like that, you bring to your table the power of its natural ingredients, taking care also of your health in a very tasty way, thanks to the incredible flavour of this fruit beverage. You should consider also how this high quality organic apple juice and pulp drink is suitable for everyone who is looking for a well-balanced every day diet, giving your body the fibres it needs, always considering the very special taste of this product.

About the artisan: Azienda Agricola Bartolacci – San Costanzo (PU)


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